The school Program includes lectures by well-recognized experts on fundamentals and applications of scattering techniques to nanomaterials, which will be complemented by hands-on tutorials on well renowned programs for DSE (Debussy) and PDF (PDFGui) analysis. For the first time at the To.Sca.Lake, hands-on tutorials on SAXS analysis will be organized; attendees will experience DSE and SAXS tutorials using data from the same colloidal solutions of semiconductor nanocrystals. A live DEMO LS experiment will be presented on colloidal halide perovskite nanocrystals!

Lectures by outstanding experts on the synthesis and applications of classes of nanomaterials at the frontier of Nanotechnology will complete the school programs.

After the successful experience of the 2017 edition, the school Program will include a short talks session (15-20 minutes each) for young participants. Selected contributions will appear in the Final Program.

Provisional Program
Programma defin